Programming in Python

Welcome to computer programming!

You do not need any prior experience of programming, we will start from the very beginning. Here you will find a basic course in Python, adapted for Middle school or junior high school students.

You do not need any previous knowledge of programming or Python, we will start from the very beginning.

Do you think programming was exciting? There is much more to do.

Programming is used everywhere we see electronic devices, such as computers, phones, video games, robots, headphones, cars, speakers, etc.

Some work with programming by building websites, not only to make things happen when you press buttons, but also to design so that the website looks good on both small and large screens.

Some work in programming to develop fun apps and games. Some work on programming in large systems that in the background run our entire society, such as code that allows us to pay and transfer money, or code that ensures that electric power plants produce just as much power as needed.

Some have programming as a fun hobby or to automate parts of their home, such as having the lights at home turned off when the front door gets locked.

Review and exercises on other websites

There are also many books that cover python from the beginning, both in Swedish and English.

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