What the best time to land on Mars?

Time to analyse your results from the code task and decide which time you will land on Mars.

Going to Mars is neither easy nor completely harmless. To succeed, it is important to prepare well. You have just get to know that it can play a big role when you choose to try to land on Mars from the moon during the daytime. A large asteroid belts move in the space a little differently depending on what time of day you choose to go! Fortunately, you and the Tardigrades have created a program that simulates, i.e. tests through a computer program, how big the chance is that you collide with asteroids during three different times.

Your task now is to find out when during the day there is the biggest chance of successfully landing on the moon without colliding with an asteroid.

Below are three links that guide to the math tasks. The difference in the material is the degree of difficulty - check with your teacher which of the tasks you should do!

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