How much does space scrap weighs?

You have to save the satellite Mats and your help is needed to figure out how much each space scrap weighs!

Your task is to program a game there you should collect the space scrap. But before you can start coding, you need to figure out how many points the different space scrap has. In total, there are four types of space debris that you should calculate their weight: a circle, a square, a triangle and a rectangle.

As you probably know, things in space do not weight the same as on Earth. Fortunately, the Tardigrades have received a message on their computer describing how much all the space scrap weights. The message is in the form of a mathematical riddle, your task is to solve this riddle!

Below are three links that lead to the math tasks. The difference in the material is the degree of difficulty - check with your teacher which of the tasks you should do!

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