What do you know about the moon and Mars?

We are approaching the final destination for our journey - Mars.

Start by reading Chapter 4 in "Leia and the Tardigrades crack the space code".

Going to Mars is neither easy nor safe. To succeed in this mission, you must first prepare yourself by studying how the other space trips has gone. It is also important to find out what obstacles may be along the way to your destination.

All answers can be found in chapter 4 of the story.

Questions to answer

  1. Tell us about the human landing on the moon in 1969 - how it happened?
  2. Mars has two moons, what are they called?
  3. Why are there so good maps over Mars?

The quiz

Which of the planets in the solar system would you most like to live on? You are not allowed to choose the earth. Explain why did you choose that particular planet. Also explain what is good and what is bad about the planet you have chosen to live on.

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