What do you know about life in space and research on Mars?

Leia and the Tardigrades have landed on Mars and started to build their environmentally friendly gas station.

Start by reading Chapter 5 in "Leia and the Tardigrades crack the space code".

On Mars, Leia and the Tardigrades meet both space robots and creatures from all possible parts of the solar system. Everyone wants to find his place to live on and create a life on Mars. We begin the mission by finding out more about life in space and investigate whether there have been anyone on Mars before Leia and the Tardigrades.

All answers can be found in chapter 5 of the story.

Questions to answer

  1. Is there life in the space?
  2. Space robots were the first to land on the surface of Mars. What are the space robots Curiosity and Insight doing on Mars?
  3. Why does Obi get so angry after he has been shopping?

The quiz

If you traveled with Leia and the Tardigrades and were commissioned to settle on Mars, what would you need to live on the planet? Write a list of the most five important things you think you need. Draw and tell.

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