What do you know about satellites?

Help Obi, Wan and Zen to reach the Earth's natural satellite!

Start by reading Chapter 3 in "Leia och Tardigrades crack the space code".

To plan out for a trip in space, a lot of knowledge about what is in space is needed. Here you can find both natural satellites, such as the moon, and the satellites have been created by humans to help us on earth. Now you get to start the task by answering some questions about satellites.

All the answers can be found in chapter 3 of the story.

Questions to answer

  1. What is a satellite?
  2. The moon is a natural satellite to the Earth. But there are also other satellites, the ones that humans have sent up. What is the use of satellites?
  3. Air air pollution can be seen from some satellites. What is that?

The quiz

What should we do to reduce eutrophication and algal blooms but still be able to plant wheat, barley and potatoes?

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