To build a society where we thrive

What is needed for Leia, the Tardigrades and all other creatures to thrive together on Mars?

The Tardigrades and Leia were the first to arrive on Mars. No one had come before to settle there. After them came creatures from all possible parts of the solar system with different experiences and thoughts about how they want to live. The more people who come, the greater the need for law and order, school, health care and other things that are needed for the life to work. In order to be able to develop a good society, it is demand that the inhabitants of Mars can cooperate. It is not always easy because everyone has different opinions about what a good society should look like.

Your task is to think about how a good society should be. Do the task together in a group so that you can be helped and talk about what is needed to build a society.

Questions to discuss

  1. How should the Tardigrades, Leia and all the creatures on Mars be able to agree on how it should be on the planet?
  2. What are the rules needed for them to thrive?
  3. How to select the one who is to decide?

Take a large piece of paper. Draw and write how you would do to build a society on Mars, with rules and agreements. For example, should you allow human rights to apply to all creatures, if so, state some of them and explain what they mean. When you are done, you can put up your papers in the classroom and tell the others how you thought.

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